FIV or Feline Immunodeficiency Virus is an incurable virus that can cause the immune system of infected cats to be compromised.  It is most commonly transmitted through blood contamination from deep, penetrating bite wounds.  Even though FIV and HIV are similar, humans are NOT at risk for contracting the virus from an infected cat. FIV is NOT Cat Aids!!!
***********FIV CAN ONLY BE SPREAD BETWEEN  CATS*************
Unaltered, outdoor cats of breeding age are at the greatest risk for infection.  Kittens can test positive for the FIV virus due to antibodies from an FIV+ mother but only a small percentage are really infected. To get a more accurate test result on kittens it is recommended that they be tested at 6 months of age or later .
There is a vaccine available to protect cats from becoming infected with the FIV virus.  We do not recommend this vaccine!! Because the FIV virus replicates so rapidly, the vaccine is only minimally  effective against a few strains of FIV.  Also, a vaccinated cat will test positive for the virus just because it is vaccinated.  This means that if a vaccinated cat should stray from home and  end up in a shelter, it will likely be killed as being FIV positive.  
The best way to  prevent the spread of FIV is to spay and neuter your pet and keep  it indoors.

Please help us to prevent the spread of FIV by  supporting spay and neuter projects in your community!!!!!

Gracie is 5 years old and is FIV+. She was rescued as a stray from behind an apartment complex in Bowling Green, Ohio. She has NEVER shown any signs of illness.