The cats on this page are ready and waiting to go home with you!! Many have been at the sanctuary for years and really need a fur-real family. Transportation can be arranged for long distance adoptions. All are spayed or neutered and will be fully vetted prior to placement

All are FIV+ unless otherwise noted. If you would like to adopt one of these GREAT kitties and want more information, please email Please  include a daytime  telephone number and the cat you are interested in learning more about.

 My name is Tink and I have been waiting a very long time for my forever family to find me. I love playing with toys and being brushed. My favorite treat is tortilla chips. I am a very friendly boy and really want to go home with YOU! I am good with older children and large dogs. Little, yappy dogs make me nervous but I think I could learn to ignore them if given the chance. Please contact the sanctuary for more information about making me your NEW BEST FRIEND!!

These cats do not have to be "only" pets. 

We have always maintained an integrated colony at the sanctuary. The 
FIV positive and negative cats here​ live together and have for many years. All of the negative cats are tested annually for FIV. In 10 years of annual testing, only ONE previously negative cat has contracted the FIV virus. Each of the negative cats has had the equivalent to more than 30 plus years of exposure to the FIV virus and only a single negative cat has tested positive!

Those are excellent odds!

Meet Freddy Mercury!
 Freddy is very sweet and quiet. He is 9 yrs old and has been a sanctuary resident since 2008. Loves to be loved and gets along well with other cats and large dogs. His long fur is just bunny soft! Freddy likes playing with toys and being a lap cat. He has excellent litter box habits.
Curtis (aka Smudgie)

Curtis is very good with children of all ages. He is a small to medium-sized boy with a huge personality. Loves snuggles and attention. Curtis really needs a fur-ever home where he can be the only cat. He is ok with large dogs.
OK, for everyone freaking out and thinking that we encourage bad habits and inappropriate kitty behavior: Curtis had been sleeping in the chair and woke up AFTER the meal was over. He was just looking and jumped down to enjoy his own bowl of cat chow. The toast was offered as a joke...
Curtis is a very handsome boy. As you can see, he has a short tail and its all black! It looks just like an ostrich feather plume. Curtis is currently in foster care and confined to a cat condo.

Freddy Mercury
Truman LOVES catnip! Here he is "Nipping Out"
Tank and CeCe are a bonded pair.  CeCe is FIV negative. She has lived with FIV cats since she was 6 weeks old and continues to test negative
Hi! My name is Domino (Dommy) and I have a shoe fetish! Please click the donate button and help me and my friends here at FBC.

​Truman is 6 years old and has been a sanctuary resident since he was 3 months old. He is one of only two cats that came to us as kittens and re-tested positive after the of age 5 months. Truman has NEVER had any FIV related health issues. He is very playful and loves toys as well as catnip.
Mikki is a 7 year old  spayed female. She has been at the sanctuary since 2008. Mikki had 7 teeth extracted just prior to her arrival here and has had no FIV related health issues since. She is very sweet and cuddly but reserved with new people.  Mikki would prefer a furever home with older children or adults.
Daddy is 7 years old and has been a sanctuary resident since 2009. He had a lot of health issues when he arrived but they have all been resolved and he is now very healthy. He has undergone surgery twice for double entropion and has had a full mouth extraction. Entropion is a very painful condition where the eyelids roll inward causing the eyelashes to rub against the surface of the eye. In Daddy's case, the entropion was so severe that he required 2 surgeries in order to correct the condition. 
Kirk is 7 years old and has been at the sanctuary since 2010. He is very laid-back, and polite. He loves attention and gets along well with other cats. Kirk tries to cover up the food remaining in his dish after he is through eating (usually with a stuffed cat toy). Kirk has had all of his teeth pulled and needs soft food. 
Domino is a terrific cat. He is very affectionate and LOVES feet and shoes. Dommy is friendly and likes to play with catnip toys.
Not every pet lover is in a position to be a pet guardian. For folks that have severe allergies or travel frequently PLEASE consider "Virtual Adoption" and click on one(or more!) of these AWESOME cats to  become a sponsor!