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We are always in need of the following items:
Paper towels
Multi-Surface  Disinfecting wipes
Donations to assist with veterinary fees and medications
Donations to provide food and litter
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We need your help to stay healthy and happy!!

Cagney FIV-
Domino is all ready for his dental check-up. All he needs is a sponsor to cover the cost of his visit. Dental health is a very important part of the overall care of any pet but even more so with FIV+ cats.

Brando wants to take piano lessons. I have tried to dissuade him but he insists that he is the next kitty piano virtuoso. He just wont listen to reason. Brando is FIV-  but  tested positive as a kitten as did his brother, Cagney, pictured above. They have a third brother, Gable, that also tested positive and has remained positive. In spite of having lived his entire life with FIV+ cats, Brando continues to test negative.

Brando FIV-
Daddy is all healed up after his second eye surgery. Thanks to Maddie's Fund for paying for not one but two surgeries to correct entropion in both of Daddy's eyes! Entropion is a very painful condition where the eyelids roll inward causing the eyelashes to rub against the surface of the eye.
Friskies Night!!

The Fitzhugh B. Crews FIV Cat Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing a safe home and loving care for FIV+ cats until they find their fur-ever families. Your kind donations go a very long way toward the incredible cost of food, litter and medical care and enable us to continue to be the alternative to euthanasia for these cats. 

Please                  we need your support!

These cats do not have to be "only" pets. 
We have always maintained an integrated colony at the sanctuary. The 
FIV positive and negative cats here​ live together and have for many years. All of the negative cats are tested annually for FIV. In 10 years only ONE previously negative cat has contracted the FIV virus. Each of the negative cats has had the equivalent to more than 30 plus years of exposure to the FIV virus and only a single negative cat has tested positive! Those are excellent odds!

Can't adopt?
 Please consider sponsoring a sanctuary cat. Sponsoring is a great way to "virtually adopt" and makes a great gift for the cat lover that has everything!
It is very simple to sponsor a fabulous FIV cat!! All you have to do is click the "DONATE" button, enter an amount and choose the "recurring payment" option. Be sure to let us know which cat (or cats) that you would like to sponsor. You will receive periodic updates on the health and well-being of your chosen "virtual pet" as well as some pretty cool pics! 

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Franklin testing out the heated cat beds that we were able to purchase thanks to your donations!